• Schubert to Scriabin DVD (PAL only)

    The Bulgarian pianist, Hristo Kazakov, has won an ever–growing audience with his sensitive and differentiated playing, whether lyrical or dramatic.

    For each work he finds the key to its intrinsic riddle and gives expression to it with inwardness and immediacy.

    Siegfried Schibli, music critic for the Basler Zeitung, described his approach as being meditatively reflective without calling on effect or brilliance.

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  • Bach - Goldberg variations CD

    What a fulfilling experience! Kazakov formed a great arc over the thirty pieces which never collapsed because the pianist was able to bring out the characteristic element of each Variation and place it in a distinctive tension to the others.
    - Siegfried Schibli, music critic for the Basler Zeitung

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  • Debussy & Skrjabin CD

  • Debussy CD

    from the Preludes Book 2 and Claire de Lune from Suite Bergamasque and Pagodes from Estampes

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